Werken aan vandaag met de visie van morgen

Werken aan vandaag met de visie van morgen

Why measure your impact?

Our Rubbish Portal enable venues, organisers and other supply chain stakeholders to measure and view vital metrics on recycling and more. Monitoring this data will help you to understand where you are on your circular journey, whats working, whats not, and what you should do next. The dashboard contains lots of other tools aimed at helping you on your circular journey.

The Portal

The Rubbish Portal is a hub for venues, organisers and suppliers to track their impact and make improvements. Access our digital consultancy, support, and unlimited material tracking with custom products and streams.


Our tracker is designed to improve product capture rates and measure impact. You can add all of your consumable products to your account, as well as streams for capturing these products at the end of their life. Our database will link to the end of life material lifecycle and provide conclusions on your capture rates, contamination levels and much more.

Learning Resources

Our learning resource hub contains digital consultancy and how to guides covering various elements of collection and data tracking. We have gained years of experience with operating these systems and have been providing consultancy to many of the largest events and venues, and now a lot of that information is available via the portal as part of your membership.

Media Resources

We have created a library of online communication media that you can simply download and print out. Request printed copies and customised communications for your event using your branding and styling via the portal.

What A Waste

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Why waste your time?

Ons team bestaat uit enthousiaste, ambitieuze en gemotiveerde mensen. Als familiebedrijf hechten we veel waarde aan persoonlijk contact en een ongedwongen, prettige werkomgeving waarin veel ruimte voor ontwikkeling wordt geboden.

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